King Gage Engineering

Established in 1947, King Gage Engineering is a leading supplier of Flow Meters and Flow Controllers, Fixed Gas Detection, Differential Pressure and Pressure Gauges/Transmitters, Temperature Indicators/Transmitters, Regulators and Instrumentation in the Northeast.

We partner with only the top companies to ensure optimum performance and quality
We carry a complete line of products to solve all of your pump, flow, and temperature equipment needs
Our services include calibration of your gauges as well as engineering work to help you find the best solution

Please explore our product selection and service offerings. Then, give us a call and we’ll get back to you with information, quotes, and support.

NOTICE: King-Gage Engineering is an authorized distributor for King-Gage and King Filters products manufactured by King Engineering. To visit the official website of King Engineering please go to our products page and click on the link.

Thanks for your interest in King Gage Engineering.